Q: If my casing is damaged and I pay the surcharge do I still have to return my Gearbox?

A: Yes, because we work on an exchange basis

Q: Can I have my Gearbox delivered?

A: We are not able to offer delivery on all gearboxes, but, we ask for a surcharge upfront which is fully refunded once we confirm there’s no casing damage and /or missing parts on your old gearbox.

Q: Do you fit Gearboxes?

A: Yes!

Q: What do you do to the Gearbox?

A: The process begins with the disassembly of the unit which is stripped back to component parts for cleaning, grading & inspection before our trained engineers begin the skilled process of reassembly. Any part failing our rigorous inspection is automatically discarded and replaced. The re-manufactured gearbox is fitted with 100% new bearings. All seals & gaskets are completely replaced with new, standard practice in are manufactured Gearbox Central gearbox.

Q: Should I get my clutch done at the same time?

A: We recommend you replace your clutch at the same time because if it has not been done or is damaged/worn it can damage your ‘new’ gearbox. It is cheaper to get the clutch replaced at the same time.

Q: Can you arrange recovery?

A:  Yes, we can, please ask for a quote.