Terms and Conditions

1. At Gearbox Central we will not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour and any such behaviour may result in work not being undertaken/cancelled or a warranty being void.

2. At Gearbox Central we work on an exchange basis so the price for a gearbox includes this

– If the case is damaged on the old gearbox a surcharge is applied. The surcharge varies for different gearboxes so please ask what the surcharge for your gearbox may be
– If the case is damaged on the old gearbox we still work on an exchange basis

3. We offer a warranty on all services, including:

– Manual Reconditioned Gearbox
– Manual Repair Gearbox
– Manual Gearbox Fitting Service
– Automatic Reconditioned Gearbox
– Clutch Fitting Services
However each service carries a different warranty, so please ask which warranty applies to the service you require

*Your gearbox will not be covered under warranty if the fault is caused by an external factor, for example, not being fitted correctly or the clutch and or spigot bearing was not replaced when it should have been!

*You will be provided with a VAT invoice as proof of purchase, which should be kept safe should you encounter an issue or wish to sell your vehicle