Warranty, Terms and Conditions

At Gearbox Central we will use our minds, hearts and bodies when working with your vehicle as we understand the stresses of society today and understand that you need your vehicle to avoid further stress by maintaining daily routines. However, we are only human and unfortunately prone to human error whilst also being reliant on third parties such as suppliers for parts.  This is why we are transparent on the warranty terms and conditions here at Gearbox Central on the work undertaken by us. 

Reconditioned Manual Gearboxes 

– 12 month warranty for private vehicles

– 6 month warranty on commercial vehicles and taxis

Reconditioned Manual Gearbox Fitting 

– 12-month warranty should you need to revoke your warranty for your gearbox 

Reconditioned Automatic Gearboxes and Fitting 

– 6-month warranty on the gearbox itself and the fitting service