As a business we understand the importance of your commercial vehicle being 'ready to go'... we make sure that we tell you what is needed and WHAT IS NOT (saving time and money for you).

It may be the gearbox or just the clutch or even both the gearbox and the clutch but what many will not tell you…”It could be the SPIGOT BEARING too or the GEAR LINKAGE CABLE!”

If the spigot bearing is damaged and needs replacing but it isn’t, it will damage your gearbox again!

Why is this not changed? To put it simply, it’s a tough job!

Benefits of out Commercial Van Fitting Service:

– Work undertaken by staff who have been doing this day in and day out over many years (gearbox and clutch fitting specialists)

– Fitting service covered under warranty so in the event of a warranty you won’t have to pay for the removal of the gearbox or clutch and fitting labour (money (image) saved)

We believe in small businesses supporting each other...guaranteed reasonable prices!