Gearbox Central is built on the ethos of hard work, honesty and the supporting charities here in the UK and abroad.

Although Gearbox Central opened in 2017 my team and I have between 12-21 years experience in reconditioning and repairing gearboxes to the highest quality.

Starting out we had a small commercial unit here in Oldbury and over the years we have grown and moved to a bigger premises where we now also offer a gearbox fitting service for your convenience.

At Gearbox Central we work on an exchange basis, which means that when you purchase a manual gearbox from us, we keep your old manual gearbox…and so the cycle continues! However, if the casing is damaged on your old gearbox, we will have to ask for a surcharge on top of the gearbox price. This is why it is recommended to resolve your gearbox issues as soon as you possibly can as it will become damaged further making it unrepairable…avoiding higher costs (especially whilst the citizens of the UK citizens face challenging times financially).

Please see below an image demonstrating damaged casing on a manual gearbox…

At Gearbox Central we also provide clutch services (Supply & Fit), which is a ‘major player’ for your gearbox. Whilst we recommend that your clutch is also changed when fitting your purchased gearbox as this will save you time, money and stress in the long run, we will not pressure you into purchasing this service.

We understand that there can be a lack of trust and customers may feel we are trying to ‘cash in’ on an extra sale when we tell them their clutch is ‘on its way out’. Unfortunately but understandably, we have had customers come back to say they now need a clutch replacement and have had to bring their vehicle back to the garage again, pay extra for clutch labour, which would have been around 85% cheaper if done at the same as the gearbox fitting service.

A damaged clutch can negatively impact your gearbox so please bear this in mind when purchasing a gearbox and/or gearbox fitting service!

Please see below images of a damaged clutch/flywheel…

Damaged Clutch

1. Proof of purchase
Every customer is provided with a VAT invoice which can be helpful for businesses, revoking a warranty or selling a vehicle 
2. We also sell on E-bay
We have all heard ‘horror stories’ about cars and garages so we understand that consumers can be apprehensive about buying gearbox services from us directly so we also sell on E-bay where both consumers and businesses have a supporting hand. 
3. Payment options
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